If you are dissatisfied with your valuation following the outcome of your objection decision, or the Review by Valuer process, you can seek a further review of the decision by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). However, you cannot progress through both the SACAT and Review by Valuer processes simultaneously, and you cannot revert back to the Review by Valuer process following a review by SACAT.

You are required to lodge an application with SACAT within 21 days of receipt of the objection decision letter from the Valuer-General or Review by Valuer decision letter.


the fees for lodging a review application in the 2022-23 financial year:

  • $278.00 - where the applicant is a prescribed corporation
  • $222.00 - where the applicant is any other person

Important things you should know:

* Starting with an independent Review by Valuer gives you a further option of approaching SACAT if you are dissatisfied with the independent review outcome. However, you can proceed straight to SACAT if you prefer.

* The Valuer-General also has the right to ask SACAT to review the outcome of an independent review.

* SACAT's decision is final and binding on both parties unless either seeks leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Note: **If SACAT option is chosen, and you are dissatisfied with SACAT’s decision, you can request an Internal Review by SACAT or review by the Supreme Court, however you cannot utilise the Review by Valuer option to review a decision of SACAT.

For further information regarding the SACAT process please view our Fact Sheet and visit www.sacat.sa.gov.au or call 1800 723 767