Land Services SA (LSSA) was appointed as the exclusive service provider to the South Australian Government for a range of transactional land and property valuation services previously delivered through the Lands Titles Office and State Valuation Office in October 2017.

As a trusted partner of the State, Land Services SA (LSSA), on behalf of the Valuer-General, undertakes the research and analysis which informs the General Valuation on 1 January each year.

LSSA also support the Valuer-General through a range of customer service and communication activities. When property owners contact the Valuer-General using the details provided on the back of their Rates and Tax notices, they are directed to LSSA Customer Service Team, where their friendly and professional staff address the owner’s enquiries and engage with the Office of the Valuer-General as necessary.

Together, the Office of the Valuer-General and LSSA have embarked on a series of initiatives to refine and enhance the experiences of residents,
landowners, tenants and statutory authorities. Process and literature reviews are being undertaken on an ongoing basis to increase knowledge and visibility.

The Office of the Valuer-General and LSSA are at the beginning of a long-term service provider partnership. We are building a strong and collaborative environment that gives the Valuer-General and consequently, South Australians confidence in the future.

To assist Land Services SA to undertake the provision of valuation services the Valuer-General has provided authorisation to approved persons to enter upon land, make any inspection, take measurements and ask questions of the property owner or occupier to the extent necessary to determine a valuation.

Requests for sensitive property-based information through land owner returns need to be approved by the Valuer-General.

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The image below illustrates the relationship between the Office of the Valuer-General and Land Services SA: