Fair and accurate valuations for all South Australians

The Office of the Valuer-General assists the Valuer-General by
providing regulatory oversight and management of services undertaken by Land Services SA.

Independent Equitable Valuations

South Australia’s Valuer-General is the State’s independent authority
on property valuations responsible for the delivery of fair and equitable
statutory valuations for all properties in the state in accordance with the
Valuation of Land Act 1971.

Video: provides an informative overview of the valuation process

Property Valuation Process Snapshot

The Valuer-General performs an annual General Valuation of the

market to determine individual property values.

Factors influencing property values:

Recent sales in the area

Location of the property

The building itself

- additions, renovations or alterations

External factors

including trends or nearby area rezonings

Factors influencing rural property values:

Recent sales in the area

Break up of land types,

use and yield

Property values affect taxes, levies and rates. These are set and
managed by Local Council, SA Water and RevenueSA.